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Lace Addixx is a chic and modern fashion-led retailer of lingerie and intimates. Lace Addixx strives to provide customers with high-quality pieces at an affordable price. The LA Squad defines sexy and does not allow sexy to define them. The LA Squad is confident in their own skin and lives unapologetically by their own standards and definitions. The LA Squad trusts Lace Addixx for the latest looks and trends in everyday intimates, lingerie, and swimwear!

"Lingerie should not be seen as a functional or traditionally sexy purchase. A woman should see it as a crossover style and a personal self-indulgence. No one should leave gorgeous lingerie languishing around in a drawer, waiting for that 'special occasion' - our highly wearable fashion-led collections can make every day feel a tad bit more exciting"

-Emily Bendell

Founder and CEO of Bluebella Lingerie

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